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Why choose a Time-of-Flight entry counter?

Time-of-Flight entry counter – devices that automatically count the number of people entering and exiting a room – enable businesses to run more efficiently by responding directly to changes and trends in space occupancy. But, with so many different sensor types available, choosing the best entry counter for a given application can seem daunting.
Time-of-Flight entry counter

Most entry counter systems involve a compromise. For example, camera-based systems, while accurate, can be difficult to implement due to privacy concerns. Thermal sensors, while accurate and anonymous, can be very expensive and are typically difficult to calibrate.

At Terabee, we use a fundamentally different approach to other entry counter systems. Using time-of-flight technology, our entry counters deliver high accuracy, ease-of-use and complete anonymity at a competitive price point.

Entrance counter sensor

What is Time-of-Flight technology?

“Time-of-Flight” (ToF) refers to the measurement of the time taken for an object or wave to travel a certain distance. Time-of-Flight measurements are the basis of technologies such as radar and sonar. By measuring the time taken for a pulse of radio waves or sound to reflect off the environment, it’s possible to calculate the distance that the pulse traveled and, hence, the distance of objects from the point of emission. Bats also use ultrasound time-of-flight in order to navigate their environments.

Terabee entry counters rely on the Time-of-Flight principle to detect the flow of traffic through doorways. Our entry counters emit an invisible pulse of infrared light, and precisely measure how long it takes for different parts of the pulse to reflect off the environment and return to the sensor. 

By using an array of infrared sensors, Terabee Time-of-Flight entry counters can build up a 3D image of their surroundings. Using embedded counting algorithms, they detect the shape of head and shoulders and filter out static objects. Once identified, different algorithms track the path of people in the field of view and use this to provide accurate people counting data.

Benefits of Time-of-Flight for entry counters

Time-of-Flight technology makes entry counters easier, more accurate and more secure.

Low spatial resolution means that Terabee entry counters are intrinsically secure, with full GDPR compliance and zero privacy or data handling concerns.

A unique feature of our entry counters is that all of the processing is carried out onboard the device. Raw people counting data can be output directly to any third-party platform or server, eliminating the need for additional computation or external gateways.

Terabee entry counter data can be easily integrated into third-party software environments via a REST API or the device’s push features. Terabee entry counters also facilitate easy interfacing via multiple network protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST, and MQTT/MQTTS.

Read more about how Terabee entry counters make software integration easy.

Time-of-Flight entry counters from Terabee

Terabee produces two different entry counters.

The People Counting L-XL is an infrared ToF entry counter designed for any size doorway from double doors to extra-wide 15.4 m entrances. It features a wide field of view and multi-device connectivity to suit any application.

The People Counting M is built for easy deployment in small entrances: it features the same infrared Time-of-Flight capabilities as the People Counting L-XL device but with a smaller form factor suitable for single doors or narrow corridors.

Want to find out more about our ToF entry counters? Get in touch with Terabee today.

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