Nuit des Idées, 2019, Bern – Addressing the present: In which world do we live in?

Terabee’s CEO, Max Ruffo, was invited by the French Embassy to participate in an interdisciplinary discussion and round table on drones. Max shared his vision for the future of drones in industrial applications, and the evolution of this fast-moving topic in the Western world versus Asia, and China in particular.
structured light sensor camera

Terabee’s ongoing projects show that integrating sensors into industrial solutions helps improve quality, efficiency and safety processes. He believes that humans, machines and buildings will be increasingly interconnected and be able to respond to each other’s behaviours to create more efficient and safer workplaces. He also believes that jobs will not be created nor destroyed (as many think) but will be simply transformed, creating a new wave of wealth in the ecosystem. On the increased presence of drones across many industries, Max argued that extensive progress could still be made in robotics vision, positioning and navigation systems to make autonomous mobile robots smarter and more aware of their environments. Terabee’s experience in anti-collision systems is already helping drones and robots to navigate in a safer way in dynamic environments and Max believes that the need for these solutions will continue to grow in the near future. If you are looking to develop groundbreaking technology in drones, robotics or industrial automation (especially Industry 4.0), we would love to discuss your project. Feel free to contact us here
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