Terabee was awarded the Digital Trophy by Orange for its innovations in sensing technology

On September 16th, Marie-Claude Foucré, regional delegate for Orange Group, awarded Terabee's CEO, Max Ruffo, with the Digital Trophy at the Trophées de l'entreprise de l'Ain ceremony. Founded in 2012 and based in France, Terabee has become a reference for distance sensors, depth cameras, thermographic cameras and counting solutions for objects and people.
infrared distance sensor
infrared distance sensor

Continuous innovation

Its continuous R&D effort and on-site product development and manufacturing was recognized for its contribution to the region's economic growth. Indeed, the French department of l'Ain boasts a high level of industrialization and one of the lowest unemployment rates of the country. As Max Ruffo summarizes; "We are looking to hire 20-30 people in the coming months". Terabee is proud to have won this prestigious award and will continue to grow, recruit and assemble its products in France.

If you would like to discover how we can help you digitally transform your business with our sensing solutions, please contact us.

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Terabee 3Dcam 80×60

3D Time-of-Flight depth camera
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Enable the third dimension with an 80 × 60 pixel resolution and 74° × 57° Field-of-View. The 3D Time-of-Flight camera benefits from a robust aluminum casing while still offering a compact (83 grams) and discrete design. It is easy to set up and to stream depth data via the USB interface on Windows or Linux OS. Terabee 3Dcam 80×60 comes with an OpenNI-based SDK, C/C++ samples, Python samples, and ROS package.

The Terabee 3Dcam 80×60 is no longer available. You can purchase available stock from our Reseller partners using the link below.

Terabee IND-TOF-1

ToF distance sensor, 12.5 m, IP65, RS485, NO/NC (0-24 V)
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The sensor offers 12.5-meter detection capabilities using Time-of-Flight technology. The robust IP65 enclosure ensures dust-proof and water-resistant capabilities - in a compact (99 grams) and cost-effective design.

Programmable distance thresholds can be set using on-the-field teach-in buttons to trigger alarms, detect movement, count objects and more! The sensor provides proximity notification with a classic NO/NC switching output (0-24V), while also communicating calibrated distance data via RS485 interface. Six embedded operating modes enable you to address a variety of monitoring applications!

The Terabee IND-TOF-1 is no longer available. You can purchase available stock from our Reseller partners using the link below.

Evo Thermal Sensor Evaluation Kit

Evo Thermal Sensor Evaluation Kit - 1 technology, 32 × 32 px resolution, 2 versions!
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TeraRanger Evo Thermal offers a 32 × 32 pixel resolution to monitor temperature variations and hot spots in your environment. The kit is built on our modular Evo sensor family and includes 2 lightweight thermal sensor modules:

- TeraRanger Evo Thermal 90: wide 90º Field-of-View for larger area coverage
- TeraRanger Evo Thermal 33: 33º Field-of-View for longer range and a more detailed thermal image

The modular two-part design of Evo sensors allows quick testing and prototyping with a variety of interfaces including USB and UART. Just clip-on your preferred interface backboard to any Evo sensor. No additional calibration is required as the sensors stream factory calibrated temperature values in decikelvin.

The Evo Thermal Sensor Evaluation Kit is no longer available. You can purchase available stock from our Reseller partners using the link below.

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