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Terabee Thermal Cameras

Discover the Terabee range of thermal cameras and distance measurement sensors

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Enable heat sensing and monitoring

Monitor heat variations in your applications with these lightweight, compact and low-powered infrared thermal cameras from Terabee.

Easily build thermal sensing applications with sensors that

  • operate in a broad range of conditions, including sunlight and darkness
  • have a compact and lightweight form factor (7 – 12g)
  • operate with low power consumption (45mA – 75mA)
  • are easy to integrate with USB or UART connectors
Terabee Fever Detection
Body temperature monitoring
Terabee Heat Source Tracking
Heat source tracking, counting
Terabee Adaptive Lighting
Adaptive lighting
Terabee Heat Movement Monitoring
Heat movement monitoring
Terabee Machine And Process Temperature Monitoring
Machine and process monitoring

Thermal Camera Modules

1 platform, 2 versions

Evo Thermal 90
Benefits from a wide 90 degree Field-of-View for monitoring larger areas. The sensor also has a compact and lightweight design (from 7 grams).

Evo Thermal 33
Offers longer range, a higher sampling rate (7 Hz) and a more detailed thermal image due to its narrower Field of View (33°).  Ideal for human body temperature measurement.

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Thermographic Infrared Sensor

Industrial Thermal Camera

For thermal applications in industrial environments, explore the Terabee IND-Thermal-90 camera with Modbus RS485 interface, embedded data processing and additional digital output for event triggers and alarms.

Terabee thermal cameras

Discover our thermal camera modules for integration, and our industrial thermal camera for thermal sensing and alerting in industrial environments.

Terabee infrared thermal camera for embedded applications

Evo Thermal cameras allow you to address a broad range of applications where monitoring heat radiation brings new value and adds an extra layer of intelligence to your applications. Please contact us for more information.

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