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Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL device joins Monzoon Networks portfolio of Internet of Things sensors

Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL LoRaWAN device has been integrated into the Swiss wireless and IoT service provider, Monzoon Networks AG, Internet of Things platform.
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Monzoon Networks, known for being one of the first European providers of public wireless internet access, has expanded in recent years to include Internet of Things (IoT) applications and Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) including LoRa in its portfolio.

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Building its offering

As an active player in the Internet of Things field, Monzoon Networks actively tests third party IoT devices for various applications. Those that meet the company’s rigorous testing and performance criteria are integrated into their Internet of Things platform for data visualization on custom-built dashboards. In this way, when Monzoon receives a request from a client for a particular IoT solution the company can recommend one of its pre-approved technology solutions to ensure a rapid response time to the customer. 

Says Matthias R. Koch, IoT Specialist, Monzoon Networks, “Terabee instantly stood out with its solution, which offers material fill level monitoring for agricultural silos and other material storage tanks. Their self-powered LoRaWAN device is rather unique as it offers a long detection range, up to 60 meters, and accurate measurements based on optical Time-of-Flight technology, at a competitive price.”

The Terabee solution

“Our whole experience with the Terabee product, right from unboxing to getting data on our IoT platform and dashboards, was delightful. Documentation from Terabee was clear, the product is easy to use and we enjoyed using the Terabee PC software, which allows for quick connection to your laptop via USB and streams real-time distance data in a matter of a few clicks. We further integrated the Terabee device with a Swiss-based LoRa network server provider called Loriot,” continues Matthias Koch.

A culture of constant improvement

Greg Watts, Marketing Director, Terabee adds, “We look forward to building a close partnership with Monzoon Networks, and working together to deploy a full IoT solution in the field. We appreciate the rigorous testing that Monzoon Networks insists upon and we are pleased that the Terabee LoRa Level Monitoring XL device has passed their high standards.” 

“We recognize the need to provide an easy to use solution, from before the device goes on top of silos for long-term level measurements. Metrics such as total setup time, ease of integration with existing network servers and user-friendly experience during the lab test phase, are some of the aspects we follow closely and are always seeking to improve,” says Greg Watts.

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Lora Level Monitoring

Terabee Lora Level Monitoring XL device key features

  • Contactless measurements eliminate risk of material contamination
  • Low-power, over the air data transmission (LoRaWAN) 
  • Battery-powered for years of autonomy 
  • Cable-free installation reduces cost, time and complexity during commissioning
  • Selectable measurement and transmission intervals (from 1/15 mins to 1/24 h) 
  • IoT platform agnostic gives 100% flexibility for further application integration

Measure, monitor and alert

Monzoon Networks’ IoT platform allows for easy graphical data visualization from different IoT devices and sensors, measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, fill levels and other factors. These are used to support small to large scale end client projects in sectors such as Smart Buildings, Smart City, Energy, Utilities and more. 

Matthias R. Koch concludes: “When testing the Terabee solution in our lab, we received some inquiries for silo monitoring applications where the product is a good fit. We are looking forward to getting out in the field, installing the Terabee LoRaWAN level device in silos and obtaining real-time fill level data from remote silos.”

Want to know more?

Contact Terabee if you’re an integrator or a solution provider looking for sensors and sensing solutions for level monitoring in silos or tanks. 

Contact Monzoon Networks if you’re looking for an end-to-end IoT solution in Switzerland or Germany.

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