Have you seen how easy it is to build Plug and Play sensor arrays?

The TeraRanger family is built on a modular approach whereby you can simply connect up to eight TeraRanger One sensors to a central board which then takes care of distributing power and receiving and synchronising distance data from different directions.
tof sensor module

TeraRanger Hub is the central board which makes this sensing robot applications possible. The same board is also at the heart of the TeraRanger Tower, which is a plug and play solution for monitoring 360°.

A slight variation of the Hub powers the TeraRanger Distance OSD – a neat tool to aid drone pilots who need to fly in close proximity to obstacles and structures, typically for infrastructure inspection missions.

A Graphical User Interface for TeraRanger Hub and TeraRanger Distance OSD enables you to set certain parameters and to visually see the distance data from each sensor. Once installed, TeraRanger Hub streams out an array of calibrated distance data in millimetres – and in the case of TeraRanger Distance OSD, displays distance values overlaid on any analogue video feed.
optical sensor array
linear sensor array

Here are just a few examples of the arrays shapes we have produced for our clients, but any other shape is possible and we’d be pleased to hear your requests too!

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