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3D ToF cameras and multi-pixel sensors

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Enable depth sensing applications with 8×8, 80×60 or VGA pixel resolution.


Ideal for gesture recognition and bidirectional movement tracking.

A breadth of unique applications

Build applications to measure volume, recognize gestures and capture movement with our compact, lightweight and cost-effective 3D Time-of-Flight cameras and multi-pixel sensors. Benefit from factory-calibrated depth data, flexible operating modes and other features to enable a range of applications.

Terabee Picto People Counting
Object & people counting
Terabee Picto Hand Gesture Recognition
Hand gesture recognition
Meeting room usage
Occupancy monitoring
Terabee Picto Fall Detection
Fall detection
Objects Classification
Object classification
3d imaging camera

3D Time-of-Flight technology advantages

Terabee 3D Time-of-Flight technology collects non-intrusive depth image data, helping you ensure that personal identy can never be captured.

You can build applications for low-light environments or even complete darkness as these devices don’t need ambient light for optimal performance.

Pre-configured multi-pixel sensors

With preconfigured parameters to measure human presence and motion, these sensors enable hand gesture a recognition and football pattern measurement.

Easily build simple applications for digital kiosks, retrail point-of-sale engagement, interactive advertising, object of person detection and movement.

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