Lidar Tof Multidirectional Arrays

Multi Directional Arrays

LiDAR ToF Multi Directional Arrays product range features

Building on the advanced features of our Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, these products combine multiple ToF distance sensors to provide plug and play multi-sensor, multi-axis solutions.
Modular Tof Sensor Module

Modular Lego-like design

Multi Sensor Applications

Multi-direction sensing applications

Sensor Crosstalk Avoidance Sensor Arrays

Crosstalk avoidance

Time Of Flight Technology Sensor Arrays

Time-of-Flight technology

Discover our plug and play sensor module arrays

Build custom sensing solutions with our experienced team

With extensive expertise in sensors, sensor fusion, control systems, and integration, Terabee brings fresh new ideas and unique solutions to complex challenges. The modular design of our sensors allows rapid project prototyping and development of bespoke sensing solutions, customized to meet your needs! Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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