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High-performance distance measurement sensor modules

Discover the Terabee range of distance measurement sensors

Terabee sensor modules are available as individual sensors, arranged in multidirectional arrays or as evaluation kits for testing purposes.
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For your applications that need precision distance measurement and object detection sensing up to 60 meters.


Ideal for collision avoidance and obstacle detection for mobile robotics and UAVs, these products combine multiple ToF distance sensors to provide plug and play multi-sensor, multi-axis solutions.


Test a variety of sensors and interface options to find the products that meet your needs. Free graphical user interfaces are available to stream distance data from each of the Evo sensors. Simply clip a USB interface backboard to an Evo sensor, connect to your PC and obtain data for easy testing.

LiDAR ToF for Versatile Applications

Measure calibrated distance values in millimeters at hight speed. Terabee Time-of-Flight optical distance sensors are small, lightweight and high-performance, making them ideal for your applications.

Terabee Picto Robotic Navigation
Robotic navigation
Terabee Picto Drone Obstacle Avoidance
Drone obstacle avoidance
Terabee Picto Level Monitoring
Level monitoring
Presence Detection and Object Counting
Presence detection,
object counting

Easily set up testing and data streaming to your PC. Plug and play with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Benefit From Infrared Led Technology

Benefit from Infrared LED technology


Eye-safe in all conditions with no need for Laser Class 1 safety precautions.

Field of View

Rather than measuring a very small point, the emitted light is spread to form a Field of View and measure over an area. This provides a more stable data stream in many use cases.

Low power consumption

LED’s are energy efficient: great for power saving and battery-powered applications.

Compact, Lightweight form factor

Easy to integrate.

Integrate our sensor modules into your products and solutions

Terabee brings new ideas and unique solutions to complex robotics, automation, monitoring, and IoT challenges. Our LiDAR ToF distance measurement sensors have been developed to address a broad range of applications where high-performance distance sensing brings new value and adds an extra layer of intelligence to your application. If you require a custom sensing solution, let’s talk!

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