TeraRanger Duo - compact and cost-effective ToF and ultrasonic distance sensor

Powerful surface detection sensor Teraranger Duo

Combining Time-of-Flight and ultrasonic technologies to create a powerful surface detection solution!

You’ll never run into issues detecting the proximity of difficult surfaces again with our dual technology sensor. TeraRanger Duo combines Time-of-Flight and ultrasonic distance measurement technologies in a lightweight, high-performance and cost-effective package! With TeraRanger Duo detect reflective, transparent or absorbent surfaces with zero problems!
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TeraRanger Evo Duo key product features

  • Combined optical ToF and ultrasound technology
  • Robust surface detection solution
  • Up to 14 meter detection range (ToF)
  • Small & lightweight design (16 grams)
  • Eye-safe in all conditions
  • UART interfaces (and USB with adapter)
  • ROS ready
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Applications you can develop with combined Time-of-Flight and ultrasound distance measurement sensors

5 Teraranger Multiflex Tof Robotics Sensor

Robot obstacle detection and collision avoidance

Presition Landing Robot Positioning

Drone altimeter and collision avoidance

Level Monitoring

Level sensing

Object Recognition

Difficult surfaces detection

1 Usb Adapters For Teraranger One Duo Distance Sensor

USB Adapter

For simple plug & play connection to your PC or Mac an optional USB adapter is available. The USB adapter cable provides power to the sensor and data transfer to and from the sensor. It is ideal for evaluation and testing purposes and for making firmware updates to the sensor. It is also an essential item in case you require post-sales technical support.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the data stream from the ultrasonic sensor as well?

TeraRanger Duo outputs a stream of distance data from both the Time-of-Flight (ToF) and the Ultrasound sensors. You may read both data streams. By default the faster ToF sensor outputs data. When the ToF sensor cannot read distances, the Ultrasound sensor takes over. For additional information, please refer to the user manual.

Is it compatible with TeraRanger Tower?

TeraRanger Duo is not compatible with TeraRanger Tower. The major advantage of the TeraRanger Tower is the speed of data acquisition and the ultrasound sensor would have constrained this product to be far slower than it is today. Additionally, when in close proximity, the ultrasound sensors can suffer from signal cross-talk. Our TeraRanger Duo sensor contains an ultrasound simply as a redundancy measure for the rare situations in which Time-of-Flight might not be optimal.

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