TeraRanger Tower Evo - Solid-state ToF LiDAR system, 4/8 detection zones, 92 grams

Solid-state ToF LiDAR system Teraranger Tower Evo

Lightweight and high-speed anti-collision system for drone and robot applications!

TeraRanger Tower Evo is a solid-state LiDAR system. With zero moving parts, the product offers increased robustness and silent operation, while the compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for fast-moving and lightweight robotic applications, both on the ground and airborne! TeraRanger Tower Evo is compatible with Pixhawk (APM) flight controllers. Choose between 4 versions with varying performance, including 4 or 8 detection zones.
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Key product features

  • 2 configurations: 4 or 8 active Time-of-Flight sensors modules
  • Increased robustness - zero moving parts
  • Lightweight and compact design - from 92g
  • High-speed distance data acquisition
  • Compatible with either TeraRanger Evo 60m or Evo 600Hz sensors
  • Always eye-safe
  • ROS and Pixhawk (APM) ready
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Applications you can develop with our Time-of-Flight sensor arrays

Navigation Collision Avoidance

Drone, robot obstacle avoidance

Enviroment Mapping

Drone, robot perimeter coverage

Terabee Icons Inspection Works

Distance sensing for drone inspection works

Multi Object Detection

Multi-object detection

10 Teraranger Tower Evo Tof Sensor Array

Choose between 4 versions

TeraRanger Tower Evo is compatible with TeraRanger Evo 60m and Evo 600Hz ToF distance sensors, each available in 2 configurations, with either 4 or 8 sensors.

Go for Tower Evo 60m and obtain longer range measurements with increased accuracy.

Select Tower Evo 600Hz and benefit from high-speed distance data acquisition for more reactive object detection

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Pixhawk (APM) ready

Connect TeraRanger Tower Evo to a Pixhawk board through the I2C interface and setup ArduPilot firmware to enable TeraRanger Tower Evo use on your drone.

Outdoor drone anti-collision

We’ve equipped a drone with our solid-state LiDAR, and asked our pilot to test its capabilities in an outdoor environment. The result? TeraRanger Tower Evo detects and avoids tree branches, leaves, metal structures and concrete surfaces - all in outdoor conditions with bright sunshine.

Take a look yourself. Watch the video!

Read the use caseRead the use case

Indoor drone anti-collision

When the GPS turns off, TeraRanger Tower Evo is always on! See how static and moving obstacles are avoided indoors. Our infrared Time-of-Flight technology also works in low light and complete darkness. Interested? Watch the video!

Read the use caseRead the use case
8 Teraranger Tower Evo Sensor Array Monitoring Of Multiple Axes

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple axes

When mounted on a ground or airborne robot, the simultaneous data point acquisition of 4 or 8 axes at high speed, coupled to the natural movement of the robot (both translations and rotations), ensures the capture of features and data points around the robot, with similar output to the laser scanners typically used in SLAM operations.

Read the user manualRead the user manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the device for drone anti-collision? Is it compatible with DJI autopilots?

The TeraRanger Tower Evo is used for collision avoidance on drones for indoor and outdoor use, but it is not compatible with DJI autopilots which are closed systems. However, TeraRanger Tower Evo is a plug and play solution for Pixhawk based autopilots running APM, from version 3.6 (development) onwards!

Does it come with a SLAM algorithm for drones?

We do not provide SLAM algorithms for drones. Our devices output data which you can feed into open source autopilots either in standard releases or development releases.

Are there blind spots between sensors?

As the angle between each sensor is 45°, there are "blind spots" when the system is stationary. However, when installed on a moving robot, the effects are negated by the movement. If the 'blind spots' are an issue for your application, multiple units can be placed at offset angles to eliminate them.

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